Monday, May 16, 2011

My Daughter is Different...

I”m starting this blog not only as personal therapy but to possibly help other Moms out there who may be going through what I have experienced.

I have a beautiful 3 (soon to be 4) year old boy named Fynch and a gorgeous 6 month old daughter named Piper. Until recently I guess you could say I was a pretty normal mom. I went thorough my pregnancy with my son without a hitch, went into labour two days after my due date naturally and gave birth in a hospital without meds (yes I am crazy). With the birth of our little girl Piper that all changed...

Piper was two weeks overdue when we decided it was time to intervene. After being induced and having an epidural this time around (which was like HEAVEN!) Piper was born! She was a beautiful little girl with lots of hair and streaks of blonde highlights running throughout her hair. When I brought her home a few hours later I knew something was different with her. She didn’t cry and wanted to sleep all the time. I thought it was just her being tired from the birth but she wouldn’t eat either. I kept trying to breastfeed her to no avail. When my midwife came to visit the next day she told me to go and get some formula so I could finger tube feed her. She still would eat that much.

The day after I noticed her getting a yellow. Obviously jaundice but I didn’t think to much of it. The next day my midwife came back and was alarmed. I was told to go to the hospital so I could get Pipers blood tested to make sure her bilirubin levels weren’t too high.

That day we were sent to the hospital, that awful day, was the beginning of my grief and my sadness. That day at the hospital took away the joy I felt over my newborn baby girl and turned it into anguish and fear that still exists today.

I think I’m going to stop here as this could get long and I don’t want to bore any readers with any more yet. I do look forward to telling my experience as a Mom and again do hope this will help other Mommies out there!