Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adding a New Physical Therapy to our Regimen

I’ve recently added a new type of physiotherapy to Pipers regimen. Yesterday was our first appointment with the MEDEK physiotherapist. MEDEK trains the muscles to do movements instead of normal physio which exercises the muscles in isolation. It assumes that the movement will affect the development of the brain and therefore improve.

Yesterday was our first appointment with the MEDEK physiotherapist. At first I was a little skeptical because the office was in a townhouse complex and you had to go down to her basement. She assessed Piper with a few movements and exercises. Piper has good control keeping her head from falling forward, okay with side to side movement, and is weak preventing her head from falling backwards. She also has weak arm and torso control. Her legs are strong though.

So with that assessment she asked me to grab my phone to tape the exercises so I could do them at home (great idea). The exercises were amazing. With the OT coming to our house and doing physio with Piper I’ve never really seen her “work”. But these exercises were making her work against gravity and making her move!

The therapist gave us four exercises to do twice daily at 5 times each. I liked how it was a routine and I was told how many times to do them. I was never told that with our OT’s exercises.

Piper hated doing the exercises but for the rest of the day I could really see a slight improvement in her. She even stayed awake from about 4pm to 9:30pm straight! That is amazing for her!

I’m very hopeful so we’ve booked another appointment for next week. I wish that these exercises will improve her neck control and that she’ll be able to hold her head up soon!

For more info on MEDEK Therapy you can go to www.cuevasmedek.com or www.medek.ca

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  1. The therapy sounds very interesting. Is it very popular? I'm wondering if I can find a therapist in my area. (I live in Atlanta). Your daughter's hypotonia sounds exactly like my daughter's.