Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daycare Dilemmas

My search for a daycare for Piper started back in February 2010 when I found out I was pregnant. Right away I called a couple of daycares and got on their waiting list. This is “the norm” in Toronto. When my son was born I waited until he was a couple months old to call daycares. I was told time and time again that they had a 1½ to 2 year waiting list. So this time around I was diligent knowing that I would go back to work when Piper was one year of age (October 2011).

Unfortunately we didn’t know that Piper would be, well, Piper! Her hypotonia and the not knowing have created a problem when it comes to her care. What does she need and how do we get it?

I started by calling the daycares I have her on the waiting list for. Both of them do accommodate children with disabilities up to a certain point but the issue is we don’t know what her disabilities are. The city kicks in a worker to help Piper depending on her needs. She may get approved for only a few hours a week up to 40 hours. It depends on her needs at that time. If her disabilities seem more severe then the daycares that I signed up for will not be able to accommodate her. UGH!

This sparked a search for more daycares that will accommodate more severe cases...and of course the waiting list is huge for one that is in our area. Well, I got on the list and hopefully I won't have to use it. This just shows that no matter how you prepare for life it will always throw a curve ball your way.

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